Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why Conductorless?

Wikipedia defines conductorless as “a unique style of collaborative leadership in which the musicians interpret the music, not the conductor.” Performing conductorless requires collaboration, mutual respect, and “radical trust” It empowers the individual musicians in a way that translates into an exciting experience for the audience.

Removing the “wall” between orchestra and audience exposes an intimate conversation among the musicians and invites the audience into conversation with the chamber orchestra. Few orchestras of ROCO’s size attempt to perform conductorless, especially on a piece as challenging as Beethoven’s well-loved Fifth Symphony.

Sharing leadership among ROCO’s 40 musicians showcases the high level of artistry and strong spirit of “musical joie de vivre” that is ROCO’s signature. The result a fantastic audience experience that author/journalist, John DeMers calls, “the most fun you can have with serious music.”

Tickets to the Feb 13-14 Conductorless! Concert are available at http://www.rocohouston.org/.  The Saturday evening performance is at The Church of St. John the Divine at 5pm, along with free valet parking and the ROCOrooters and Club ROCO childcare/music education programs.

The Sunday performance will be a Valentine's Concert + Dinner at The Houstonian Hotel, beginning at 5pm.  What a romantic way to spend Valentine's Day.  Childcare is available.

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