Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Audience Texts at Conductorless!

We love hearing from you during our concerts.  At the Take 5 break during our Feb 13th concert, you texted these messages to us:

“I love the balance of the group. My heart follows every note.”
“Amazing job! Happy Chinese New Year!!”

“LOVED Simone. Bravo! And conductorless format is very interesting, it’s much more intimate.”

“Wow to those magic fingers of Simone!!!! That was outstanding.”

“Fantastic. Good pairing of the Jacobs and Shuo – both interesting and refreshing.”

“Dinnerstein’s performance was spectacular”

“Great concert (once again!). The pieces are well chosen and well executed and Simone’s piano interpretation was superb!”

“Shuo was awesome! Dinnerstein dynamic! ROCO is a wonderful night out, thank you.”

“Awesome—I don’t hear Bach played that often and Simone was marvelous.”

“You have no idea how hard it is to just listen to Beethoven’s 5th without “conducting” myself. Simply marvelous.”


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